Get out, and get your healthy on


You don't have to start with the Ironman Mega-Spectactular Mountain Climb and Tour de Louisiana Death March, you just have to take the first step. Then you take the second. Then you're on the road to a longer life that's happier while you're in it. That's the goal; feel better, live better. Not necessarily world class athlete, but better than today.

Here are some events, from coach potato start kit level to Amazon Woman Superstar level, in the area to get you going.


June 8: 


Father's Day 5k Fun Run

Lager Jogger 5k and Beer Mile (one beer ain't gonna kill ya)

Camp Gladiator Free Workout and Fit Expo

June 15:

The Blue Man Run (prostate cancer research)

June 20:


Camp Gladiator Games Prelims (good luck!)