Season 2
episode 2
PART 2 - dr. karen pendleton

We dug through this whole interview to see if we could shorten it, and we couldn't. If you can't listen to Dr. Karen for a half an hour, you aren't really serious about getting healthy. Listen to Part 2, because you never know which little piece of information is going to change your life. Hey, people pay good money to listen to Dr Karen talk healthcare, and you're getting it for FREE!


Sometimes you just get lucky... or the Big Man has Big Plans for you. That's what happened with the Calhouns when a Small Business Administration franchise counselor told them about We Olive and Wine Bar. Sure, that was cool, but what really ought to fire you up to visit the place (aside from the healthy options and great atmosphere) is the fact that they could have put this We Olive in Denver, Colorado or Tulsa, Oklahoma but decided to convince the corporate bigwigs that Shreveport would support them (and brother have we). That kind of dedication to Shreveport is worth a visit. We got out WITH a jar of Pink Himalayan salt and a bottle of outstanding olive oil, after GREAT healthy food, tasting everything in the house, and enjoying a flight of wine, for right at 80 bucks. Super cool, healthy, and reasonably priced. Top that!

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