Season 2
episode 4

A solid foundation. That's what life is all about. Your house, your business, your finances... and your body.

Our interview for this episode of Healthy Shreveport is with foot and ankle physician Dr. Angelo Morreale, and it was AWESOME. The amount you're going to learn is amazing. 

Think you don't need a visit with a Podiatrist? Do you wear flip flops? Do you run or participate in other athletics? Do you have a kid in sports? If you answered no to all of those questions, you still need to visit one. No kidding. We're actually scheduling our daughter for a visit because she's a soccer player who got the most expensive cleats we could find her, and after every game she still complains that her feet hurt.

The most interesting aspect of this interview is how many things you might need a podiatrist for, and how many things a podiatrist can do for you. Life changing isn't an exaggeration.

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To contact Dr. Morreale for an appointment you can call (318) 797-3668 or visit