Every other week we interview a Shreveport/Bossier healthcare or fitness leader, legend, and/or innovator to find out what they're doing that can get you to a healthier spot in life. Maybe it's a doctor, maybe it's a new service in town. We want to make sure that you're going to learn something, that you're going to be entertained, and that you're going to have a chance to improve your life.

Then we're going to head to a local eatery and sample something that's good for you, and doesn't taste like mudcakes. We set the scene, pay for the food so you know we're giving you an honest opinion, and let you know what we really think. Then we interview the proprietor to get you the downlow on the calories, the ingredients, the health benefits, and the secret to their success.

And because we aren't just about always being healthy... we have a cocktail.

If you have any suggestions for a healthcare or fitness organization or provider, or a healthy dining choice we should interview, feel free to shoot us an email at contact@healthyshreveport.com