• Bob Wheeler

A solid foundation... so to speak

We didn't think we'd ever need to visit a Podiatrist. Now we're ready to schedule an appointment... and not just for the business shoe wearing adult, but for the 13 year old soccer daughter who has the most expensive cleats we could find but still says her feet hurt after games.

So, we know you are thinking you don't need to listen to this interview with Dr. Angelo Morreale, but if you do you'll be glad you did. So much information is packed into this episode, and it could literally save your life. Think of that... shoes, inserts, insoles... just an x-ray and a consult could keep you from eventually losing a toe, then a foot, then your leg below the knee. You'll be shocked when you hear some of these statistics.

Dr. Morreale of the Foot Institute of Louisiana ( ) calls the feet and ankles the body's foundation, and this interview could be what kick-starts your building.

Check out the episode HERE, unless you don't want to schedule an appointment, because once you listen you'll be calling him.

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