• Bob Wheeler

Dr. Karen Part 1, and Tejas Kitchen

For this episode we interviewed a healthcare revolutionary, and the owner of a place to eat right while still enjoying yourself. If you follow Dr. Karen's advice and teachings, and spend more time at Tejas, your life isn't going to suck.

Dr. Karen Pendleton of PairO'Docs and

Part One

“My parents stressed the value of education to me and my brother. They told us that nobody could ever take that away from us.”

Do you go to the doctor when you're sick? Of course you do. Do you go to the doctor when you aren't? No? Why not? Maybe that feeling of "I'm always tired" or "this is too much" or "I just feel a little off" could be avoided. Dr. Karen is avoiding it. In this episode we have part one of our interview with Dr. Karen Pendleton of PairO'Docs, who is winning at life, and has 10 Tenets to teach you so you can win at life too.

And if you're wondering...

Why everything that tastes good is bad for you, and everything that's good for you tastes bad, maybe you haven't been to Tejas Kitchen Bar Patio. Yeah, they'll slather up a chickenfried steak with gravy on your cheat day, but you can eat like royalty for a fair price, and not only is it excellent, it's damned good for you.

We interviewed Weston McElwee, the big kahuna at Tejas, and he clued us in on their secrets...

Then we hit the bar, where...

“...we have happy hourS every day.”

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