Season 2
episode 1
interview 1 - dr. karen pendleton

Dr. Karen Pendleton of PairO'Docs tells us what makes her approach to healthcare unique, and explains her process of treating the WHOLE patient, not just the symptoms of illness or injury. This is Part 1 of a two part interview, and you won't want to miss either. She can change your life.

Season 2
episode 1
interview 2 - weston mcelwee

Weston McElwee, Founder, Chef, Owner, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of Tejas Kitchen Bar Patio tells us that his place is more than a cool patio and great bar, it's a place where you can eat healthy AND have a good time. We go over the lunch we had in this interview, and it was stellar. We got out for $93 for three of us, and that included two appetizers, three great entrees, and two rounds of cocktails, doubles at that! 

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